Couples Encounter with G-d Conference/Dinner

Shalom Mishpacha,
I wanted to share a vision HaShem (G-D) gave me a year ago. This world in the past few years, has gone through many changes. These changes have affected our way of life as believers. We see more and more the divorce rate rising each year, the biblical family as designed by HaShem (G-D) is being destroyed by HaSatan (Satan). The believers of this world are being conformed to the image of this world. We have forgotten, why HaShem (G-D) made us and what is our purpose in His plan. HaShem (G-D) has inspired me to lead His people back to the Biblical covenant between HaShem (G-D), man, and woman.  Last year this vision became a reality, with our first “Couples Encounter with G-D conference. This conference and dinner was open to CBE members only. This year, we are opening the conference and dinner to the public. This conference is only for married couples, believers in the L-rd. If your marriage, is broken or you simply want to follow HaShem’s (G-D’s) Biblical principles for your life.  This conference will start you on your path, for understanding HaShem’s (G-D’s) plan for your marriage. The conference will show us HaShem’s (G-D’s) reason for making man and woman, His covenant, plan for marriage and our intimacy with Him. 
Please Note: The Couples Encounter with G-D is a two separate day’s event. The conference will be held on Saturday February 22nd at 11 am -3pm, at Congregation Beth Emanuel.  Couples dinner event will be held on Saturday March 7th at 6 pm at Congregation Beth Emanuel.  The cost of the conference/dinner is $50.00 per couple.   Couples dinner will be a romantic setting candle light catered event along with dancing and a free digital photo per couple. Please call 215-969-4569 and RSVP before sending payment, space is limited for this event.  I hope to see you there. Please look for Registration Form Photo, download and print.
Shalom in Yeshua,
Rabbi David Vazquez

Couples Encounter with G-d Conference/Dinner

Join us for our couples conference, Kosher style romantic candlelight dinner.

Conference: Saturday, February 22nd *11:00-3:00 pm
Dinner: Saturday, March 7th *6:00 pm

(Download the Registration Form Below)

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