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According to Jewish tradition, on the third of Tammuz (July 2, 2022) in 1273 BCE, or 2488 from creation; Joshua Trusting in Hashem was leading the Jewish people in one of the battles to conquer the Land of Israel. Victory was imminent, but darkness was about to fall. Joshua, Prayed Out,” 

“Sun,”  “be still at Giv’on; the moon, at the Ayalon valley” (Joshua 10:12). The sun stood still, The hand of God was upon them.”

(Rashi said) 9 When did this occur? On the day the sun stood still for Yehoshua, the entire world was filled with the fame of Yehoshua.10 The sun stood still halfway in the sky11 and did not hasten to set for a complete day.

Torah use the word

Va-yittom (was all spent) comes from a root whose second and third letters are identical.8 It is similar to va-yiddom (stood still) in And the sun stood still (va-yiddom) (Josh. 10:13).